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Reach the minimum number of appointments
to get a cash reward.
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Incentive Plan for Hosted Buyers
For hosted buyers, we provide a cash incentive for online business matchmaking.
As long as the hosted buyer completes the online matchmaking with at least 5
exhibitors on TNTM, and each online meeting lasts at least 10 minutes,
then hosted buyers will be rewarded with a cash incentive of RMB 250.
Totally 20 limited gifts prepared.
Through online chat
Minimum chatting time
CNY 250

Totally 20 limited gifts prepared.

Buyer experience
Buyers are by invite-only and entirely pre-qualified.
Buyers can do everything a visitor can do
but can also make appointments with exhibitors.
Buyers can have in-depth one-on-one meetings
with exhibitors through WeChat-based chat rooms.
Recommended List
Buyers have access to a list of
recommended exhibitors.
Buyers will be alerted to upcoming appointments
through WeChat push notifications.
All discussions with exhibitors are logged
and are accessible in the buyer portal.
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